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Providing off-world and commercial astronaut services for private industry.

Opifex Global is making astronaut labor accessible and affordable to private industry. We provide well-trained, capable astronauts (Space-Jacks) for a fraction of traditional government costs. Space-Jacks will be the labor workforce for the future of space. Space-Jacks utilize the same quality curriculum, simulators, and instructors that people have come to expect from a space training program, but we focus on the commercial sector.

Building in space and on the Moon will require resources from multiple vendors working together and will require more than just transportation to accomplish the mission. Construction projects have at least one thing in common, labor. Opifex Global will meet all your space labor needs.

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Private Industry


It took thousands of workers to build the highways, the railroads, and the dams on Earth. If we are going to build in space, capable workers will be needed to do the job. Our Space-Jacks will build your off-world project.


There are minerals, resources, and ice in space. These can be gathered by robots and refined by machines for use or shipment. These devices will all need regular maintenance and servicing if we are going to rely on their performance. Space-Jacks are the technicians that will keep your equipment running.


Energy companies can now have their own researchers investigate resources in space and determine what’s valuable. The Moon, asteroids, Mars, comets, are all waiting to be explored. Our Space-Jacks can assist with your expedition.


There are thousands of satellites orbiting our planet that will eventually need repair. If neglected, they will burn up in our atmosphere or create additional dangerous space debris. Space-Jacks provide preventative maintenance that will save you from having to build and launch a replacement.


Asset protection and space station defense will soon become necessary as more countries head off-world. This means providing training to effectively operate in zero gravity and microgravity. We can provide your team the training to accomplish their mission.


Humans recently discovered the effects of long term space travel are incredibly harsh on the body. We will need to jump from planet to planet instead of spending decades inside a spaceship. Planets will need to be developed first by a capable workforce of space labor.


To go into space, you must first go underwater.
— Barton Bollfrass, founder


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