Augmented Reality Training

augmented reality is quickly becoming the training aid of the future. the wearer sees a digital projected image all around them, as well as the actual world. this can allow for objects to be walked around and stepped over with impressive accuracy.

we suspend projects into the neutral buoyancy tank from above or attach them to the walls. then we superimpose the internal components of the specific project using augmented reality. whether a space-jack is working on a satellite, a space station sub-system, or a transport engine in need of repair, it is important that the right compartment is opened and the wrong ones are left alone.

Additionally, We superimpose the terrain of other worlds onto the walls and floor around you so that you appear to be on the surface of another planet. we can simulate the walls of a moon crater around you, or the surface of mars with mountains in the distance. Give us enough heads up, and we can create the surface of any world you prefer.