Questions. Answers.


Is this a real astronaut training program?

Yes. Our astronaut program is real and is based on the same curriculum as the NASA space program.

How do you train your astronauts?

We use a neutral-buoyancy tank with blacked-out surfaces that allows our workers to practice repairing subsystems while wearing a pressurized spacesuit, underwater, in the dark.

How are you different from NASA?

We are focused on blue collar labor for commercial interests and private industry. Our astronauts are not required to be jet pilots and do not need PhDs.

How can you afford to provide this training?

The actual cost of astronaut training is much lower than expected. Rocket science costs billions; astronaut training does not.

Did you require permission to train astronauts?

No. There is currently no approval necessary to train an astronaut for space. However, space vehicles and transports do need approvals, permission, and certifications.

Are you qualified to train commercial astronauts?

Yes. Our instructors and divers are all former US Navy and US Army Dive School graduates.

What kind of work does a Space-Jack do?

They build structures, maintain broken subsystems and satellites, off-world mining, and more. List of services, here.

How do you plan on getting to space?

Just like you, we ride on someone else’s provided transportation.

Do you have a gravity free room where you train?

No. We use neutral-buoyancy tanks, which are the closest we have to operating in micro-gravity. Sadly, anti-gravity rooms haven’t been invented, yet.

How long does your training take?

The program lasts two years. It is divided into semesters to better follow the standard school year.

Who do you guys think you are?

We actually get that a lot. The truth is we’re just trying to bring the stars a little closer and costs a little lower.