Space Physics

space is amazing, spectacular, and dangerous. The dangerous part comes into play because the physics of things change as you go from one atmosphere to the next. When you take a balloon underwater it shrinks with every foot you descend until it’s deflated. Your saliva will boil in your mouth at really high altitudes because the boiling poiint of water is lower than your body temperature when there is less pressure. keep going up and your blood will boil next (this is why the spacesuit and helmet.)

preparation is the answer to having a safe trip to any new atmosphere. whether you’re going 5oo feet underwater or 500 miles into space, knowing what to expect and how to deal with it is paramount. Learn about the physics on the moon and mars, on asteroids, and in the deep of space. learn about the expansion and contraction of your body, the metals inside a space station, inside your transport vehicles, and inside your suit and helmet.